7 Ingenious Cross Stitch Tips and How Not to Use Them

Posted in Stitch Ideas

Every cross stitcher inevitably runs into situations where they get frustrated with their beloved hobby. Whether the reason is  knots forming on the back of their project or a hard to follow pattern, these small problems can keep even the seasoned stitcher from progressing at a good pace with their work. Whatever level...

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How to Choose a Cross Stitch Project That Actually Gets Finished

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Over the years, I’ve completed a lot of cross stitch projects. Heck, I’ve been stitching for almost twenty years now; I better have completed a lot of projects. But if I were telling the truth, I would have to admit that I’ve probably left almost as many started and unfinished as I’ve completed....

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Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Cross Stitch Project

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Anyone looking around the walls of an accomplished cross stitcher is sure to notice a lot of mounted and framed cross stitch projects. Many times, every available space is covered. What should a cross stitcher do? Creating more wall space to display your artwork isn’t a viable choice. Mounting and framing seems to...

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Jaunty July

When I open my bedroom window at 7.00am every morning, I’m greeted with a resounding chirm of the most high-spirited birds of the neighborhood. It is refreshing, awakening, and did I mention, really loud? With this in mind, we’d like to pay...

Geometric Bird Cross Stitch Pattern: Blue Chickadee
Geometric Birds Cross Stitch Pattern: Diamond Firetail
Geometric Bird Cross Stitch Pattern: Cordilleran Flycatcher
Geometric Bird Cross Stitch Pattern: Eastern Bluebird

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How to Choose the Best Aida Cloth for Your Project

Starting a new cross stitch project can be fun and really exciting, but without the right materials those feelings of buzz can quickly turn into frustration. This article will walk you through a few things you’ll have to keep in mind when purchasing one of the basic materials for your project: the fabric. Cross...

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